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Lawsuit alleges Tinder dating app reduces matches for non-paying users

A Vancouver law firm has launched a class action lawsuit against the dating app Tinder, and its owners Match Group Inc and Match Group L.L.C.  It’s looking for Tinder users to join in.

Tinder is a dating app available for iPhone and Android smartphones which allows users to meet other users as part of an online dating service. The app is free to use, but Tinder sells premium features designed to improve a user’s chances of a successful match.

The Firm Slater Vecchio LLP is alleging algorithmic manipulation of the Tinder app and age-based discrimination. The lawsuit alleges that Tinder manipulates profile exposure in the app, in order to induce and compel users to purchase premium features. Alleged particular of the manipulation are:

  1. Hiding prospective matches from non-paying users when those prospective matches should be visible to them;
  2. Hiding non-paying users from prospective matches when the non-paying user should be visible to those prospective matches;
  3. Providing non-paying users with match notifications without showing the matches;
  4. Secretly reducing the number of matches a non-paying user gets if they “swipe right” too often;
  5. Punitively reducing the visibility of the profiles of users who have purchased bu later cancelled premium features;
  6. and others.
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In addition to these claims, the lawsuit alleges that Tinder discriminates against individuals based on age. The lawsuit alleges that if a user is under the age 30, Tinder Gold is available to them for $19.99 for 1 month. However, if the user is 30 or older, then Tinder Gold is available to them for $39.99 for 1 month. This same price disparity based on age occurs when a user purchases Tinder Plus as well. The lawsuit alleges that this age discrimination is in violation consumer protection legislation in Canada. Similar lawsuits have been filed and settled in the United States regarding this age-based discrimination.

Slater Vecchio LLP is looking for class members in this action. If you are over 29 and have purchased premium features in Tinder, you can fill out a form here.

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