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SRD’s wood stove exchange program continues for 2022 season

Those living in Gold River, Tahsis, Sayward and Zeballos are still eligible for wood stove upgrade incentives, according to the SRD.

The rebates came into effect in September last year, the SRD is reminding people that incentives from $350-$750 are available depending on what heating method is swapped out.

Incentives include the following:

  • Wood stove to wood exchanges – $300
  • Wood stove to natural gas, propane or pellet – $500
  • Wood stove to heat pump – $750

Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The cashback expires in December 2022.

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The SRD says exchanging old burning methods for new ones will help keep the environment a bit cleaner.

“By trading in your old, inefficient stove for a new, clean-burning, high-efficiency model you are helping to improve air quality for everyone in the region,” said SRD Chair Unger.

“Not only do the new stoves burn hotter and slower, reducing smoke output by 70 per cent and consuming less wood but it also reduces the fine particulate matter in wood smoke that are inhalable and can settle in the lungs.”

To be eligible, all new stoves need CSA/EPA certification, and homeowners need to give evidence of the change.

More information can be found on the SRD website.

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