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Port Hardy mayoral candidate Athena Guy feels town needs to be reconnected

As the election draws nearer, a Port Hardy mayoral candidate feels its residents are losing a grip on its history, and the key to the future is in its people.

Athena Guy moved to Port Hardy with her family around seven years ago after losing their home in Calgary. She says the move felt like a better investment in getting back on their feet.

A stay-at-home mother who homeschools her children, Guy says she is a primary caregiver and the livelihood of her children is her main focus at home.

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Having been in the area for seven years as a parent and being out in the community, Guy feels Port Hardy has lost its connection with its history, the provincial and federal governments and its legacy.

“The reality of the statutes, acts and policies that are written and advised from the provincial government as well as the federal government is not understood by the local people,” said Guy.

Referencing mining company BHP’s apology to the Quatsino First Nation, she says there’s a “paradigm of energy” on people in the area that becomes draining and people are tired of it.

She adds issues of discrimination in the town need to be addressed for it to move forward with an image of how Port Hardy should be represented.

With all the aspects in mind, Guy says handling it as mayor starts with information gathering to get a picture of Port Hardy and bringing that back to its residents.

“The first thing that needs to happen is a bird’s-eye view of the whole situation,” she said. “How these corporations and these businesses, these acts, statutes and policies fit.”

She says she wants to be able to present the whole picture of Port Hardy to the community.

“From that, we see where the healing needs to occur, we see where the fixing of the land needs to occur, we see how we can make this economy thrive,” said Guy. “What is our initial purpose of Port Hardy? Are we going to be touristy? Are we going to be environmentally conscious?

“The support system and the underlying energy and frequency of all of it has to do with the people.”

She says this will come together through budgeting, economics, planning, corporation building and partnerships.

MyTriPortNow is reaching out to all mayoral candidates for their comments.

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