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Wildlife organization urges people to give animals space

Make sure you give animals the space they need while out in the wild.

That comes from Program manager for Wildsafe BC, Lisa Lopez, in response to a video of a group of people standing very close to a black bear in Campbell River.

Along with standing close to the animal, the video also shows them taking photos while the bear was eating its food.

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According to Lopez, people get very interested in wildlife.

“They are amazing and intriguing creatures to observe, but it can be tricky for people to understand that there is a danger when you are interacting with wildlife in close proximity,” said Lopez.

“That’s why we suggest that people need to move away from that animal, give it space to finish its meal, and it will be able to move on safely, and everyone else can stay safe as well.”

She says in the event of spotting a bear, they ask you to stop and assess the situation.

“Is that bear having its meal and not really paying attention to you, you can slowly back away and find a different route to go,” said Lopez.

“If the bear has noticed you and is paying attention to you, you would want to talk to the bear in a calm voice and back out of that situation. Finally, we recommend two people, who are out and about in nature, to carry bear spray with them.”

Lopez adds that along with carrying the spray, you must also know how to use it in case a bear or another wild animal starts to approach you.

For more info on encountering wildlife, you can visit their website.

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