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Cougar sightings around Port Hardy prompt safety reminders

With cougar sightings on the rise around Port Hardy, the district is reminding people how to be safe around the big cats.

WildSafe BC points out that in the last 100 years, fewer than 10 people have been killed by cougars, and attacks are rare. However, it’s good to know what to do if you encounter one in the woods.

Encounters can happen any time of the year. Never run, never turn your back, or bend down. Always be assertive with cougars. When hiking in cougar country, never go alone. Bear spray can also be an effective deterrent.

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Most cougars are elusive and avoid humans, while focusing on their primary prey, deer. They will also hunt small animals, so keep an eye on your pets.

Visit Wildsafe BC for more safety tips.

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