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Cold snap caused spike in water use in Port Hardy

Port Hardy saw a big jump in water use during last week’s cold snap.

According to the District, the cold snap saw daily water consumption go up by 2 million liters, to as much as 6.6 cubic meters.

Chief Administrative Officer Heather Nelson-Smith says the spike was the result of freezing pipes.

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“People aren’t insulating their pipes correctly, maybe not running heat, maybe they have gone away, businesses potentially being closed for a while and not checking in on their pipes, those could cause water leaks,” said Nelson-Smith.

“When we notice a spike, we go looking for where we might find excess water. Typically, when it’s freezing outside in residential neighborhoods it is easier to find because you see cooling ice.”

She says when they find a leak in a residential or commercial site, they shut off the water to that area, with at least five water leaks being reported.

While water use has returned to normal, Nelson-Smith adds that in the event of another cold snap happening, property owners should have all their pipes insulated, have some heat, blow out their outside hoses, and make sure that any outside taps are secured.

They also ask you to shut off the water in your home if you are leaving for any time.

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