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NDP motion demanding ceasefire passed this week

An NDP motion demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza has officially passed.

At the house of commons on Monday, the NDP put in a motion calling the federal government to not only call for a ceasefire, but also for the release all the hostages, stopping the authorization and transfer of arms exports, demand humanitarian access to Gaza, and to work with partners to bring lasting peace in the middle east.

According to the house of commons, the motion comes as the death toll in Gaza is over 30,000, with 70 percent of the victims being women and children. Out of 321 votes, the motion passed 204-117.

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Pro-Palestine resident Kiyoshi Koski says he felt immediate joy hearing the news.

“When I saw the social media post announcing it, it made me cry,” said Koski.

“What this does showcase is the response by our local community, not just our group.”

He says the group hopes that this motion, it will put pressure on Israel to come to the table with the Palestinian people to end the crisis.

However, B’nai Brith Canada, an organization focusing on promoting Jewish unity and human rights, oppose the motion.

In a media release, the organization says they spoke out against it before the vote, saying it provides unrealistic recommendations to the federal government on how to respond to the crisis.

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