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Putting an end to Human Trafficking

A Canadian mother is working hard to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking.

Awareness and education advocate Cathy Peters says this is a serious issue in Canada that not many people know about. She says there isn’t much research on the numbers in Canada, but that 20 to 60,000 children and young people who go missing each year are generally being trafficked.

Peters says one of the biggest problems is that these cases go unreported.

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She notes there are many signs to look for that show someone is being abused and possibly trafficked, including the individual isolating themselves from things that they used to love and do on a regular basis.

Peters notes the power of the Internet makes things even more dangerous for individuals at risk.

Peters says more conversations are needed so people are more aware of the issue and can help protect others around them. Peters adds there are many websites available where people can learn more about the issue, and groups working to stop human trafficking, such as the Joy Smith Foundation.

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