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New legislation introduced to strengthen animal welfare protection

The BC SPCA is welcoming new legislation, aimed at cracking down on irresponsible breeders of dogs and cats. The legislation that has been introduced would provide a framework for the licensing or registration of commercial breeders.

Spokesperson Lorie Chortyk says many people have heard of puppy mills, but often they don’t know what to look for in choosing a breeder.

She notes the proposed changes are the first step in developing regulations to ensure that irresponsible breeders are stopped.

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Chortyk says while they recognize that commercial breeding is a business, the welfare of the animals should always come before making a profit.

She adds that the biggest challenge with irresponsible breeders is they are good at covering up what they do, which can make it hard for the public to find a good breeder.

The legislative changes were developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders, including the SPCA, the Canadian Kennel Club, and individual breeders.

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