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RCMP offer spring vehicle safety tips

Police are asking residents to make sure their car is in tip-top shape before heading out on a spring road trip.

Constable Rob Gardner says it’s important to make sure brake and headlights are in working order, your windshield isn’t cracked, and that tires are in good condition.

He notes police have also received reports of license plates being switched from one vehicle to another.

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Gardner advises to “double-check your license plates…sometimes license plates get switched [with another car] and it’s up to the driver [of the vehicle] to ensure that their equipment is good, [that] it’s correct and you have the correct license plates on your vehicle.”

He asks residents to slow down and watch their speeding. He notes there have been reports of drivers going in excess of 60 kilometres an hour over the speed limit.

Police are also reminding residents to make sure car doors are locked and valuables are not visible.

Gardner says that 95% of the time, the only time a vehicle will physically be broken into is when someone sees something of interest they want to take from the car.

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