Mounties are reminding people to be wary of anyone calling and demanding money – even if they claim to represent a real agency.

RCMP in Nanaimo received more than 100 calls in a single day as the CRA scam made the rounds in the community.

The scammers claim to represent the Canada Revenue Agency and demand payment for a fake tax debt – in the form of gift cards.

RCMP say one elderly man was caught by the scam and is out $1500, but note it could have been much worse.

After the first payment, the scammers demanded more money, telling the man if he went to the police he’d be arrested.

When the senior returned to the store for more gift cards, a store employee stepped in and called the police.

The RCMP say if you receive a call that you think is suspicious or if the caller is demanding payment, hang up and contact the agency yourself to determine if there is any money owed.

They say to also be suspicious of anyone asking for personal information over the phone and to never give out personal details.