The Independent Investigations Office of BC has concluded an investigation into the shooting death of a man by a Port Hardy RCMP officer.

A 24 year old man was killed on July 8th, 2015 after lunging towards officers with a weapon.

Director of Public Engagement Marten Yousseff states after a long and arduous investigation, the officer who shot the deceased was justified in using his gun.

“The medical evidence, the witness statements, all of the evidence presented to us came to the conclusion that we are not going to be referring this case to the Crown for consideration of charges.”

Despite the ruling, Yousseff knows the incident has permanently affected many in the area.

“To be frank, there are no winners in IIO cases. The family is impacted by this, the officers are impacted, the community is.

This is a traumatic incident for everybody involved.”

Yousseff says the report, which contains a full comprehensive breakdown of all the accounts and evidence in the presented to the IIO, can be found on the office website.