ICBC is getting drivers ready for the Labour Day long weekend.

Spokesperson Joanna Linsangan says the agency is anticipating to see as many as 2000 crashes over the holiday break. She says there are a few tips drivers should remember.

“While you’re on the road, take frequent breaks – a scheduled break at least once every 2 hours. Also, share the driving with others, if you can.”

Linsangan says one thing drivers should look out for is drowsiness. “We surveyed drivers all across the province, and over half of them did admit that they do get tired when they’re behind the wheel, especially when they’re on these long road trips.”

She adds that, “driving tired can be dangerous. It’s very similar to being impaired while driving because it slows down your reaction time, you’re not as aware of potential hazards and it can cloud your judgement.”

Linsangan implores drivers to get a full night’s rest and to travel in the morning because that’s when you’re likely to be most alert.

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