Brent Borg has officially been named the new Fire Chief in Port Hardy.

He was appointed to the new position at Port Hardy Council’s November 28th meeting after completing a month-long review period.

He says the department has 8 new recruits, and operations are looking good.

“It’s been an interesting experience. I’ve gone through an interim leadership role and now I’ve been appointed as Fire Chief so we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Borg says that he brings years of experience to the table. “I’ve been with Port Hardy Fire for 22 years.”

Gavin Texmo has been named the new Deputy Chief, taking over Borg’s former role.

Justin Reusch has been promoted to Captain and will be in charge of training, and Adam Harding has been moved up to the position of Lieutenant. Borg replaces former Chief Schell Nickerson.