PORT HARDY, B.C. – A new community space is being planned for the North Island Mall in Port Hardy.

The space is called The Hub, and would bring the community together, according to project organizer Jilly Laviolette.

The space will host things like a youth centre, an arts and crafts zone and a place for “how to” classes, family and cultural events.

Laviolette presented the idea to Port Hardy council on Feb. 26, and reception was very positive.

“Any time that a group of people see a need and get together and address that, that’s great, and anything we can do to help, we will do that,” said councillor Fred Robertson, who is currently serving as Deputy Mayor.

Robertson said support was shown from his fellow councilors. He said the initiative is a community effort.

“She’s (Laviolette) has also been working fairly closely with folks from the North Island Mall, who are also helping her,” he said.

Robertson noted this would have a very positive impact on the region.

“It’s engaging people in the community in very positive activities, and it is not just focused on one small thing,” he said.

“My understanding is that they’re hoping to have a pretty broad scope of where they’re going to focus, so any supports for people in the community from that is great, and it’s people taking their own initiative and doing it, so it’s hugely laudable and well deserving of our support.”

The Hub is currently looking for volunteers to help in their planning process.

Anyone wishing to take part can fill out a volunteer questionnaire via The Hub’s Facebook page.