PORT MCNEILL, B.C. – The history of Mount Cain is the focus of a new documentary.

The documentary, titled Folklore, will detail how the North Island park has impacted the community.

“We are going to be focusing a great deal on the people that originally started and grew the mountain in the 70s. Information about them hasn’t been compiled super thoroughly, a lot of people know about them but not exactly what they did throughout the years,” said Annie Danko, a ticket booth operator at Mount Cain and one of the leads on the project.

“We want to show how grateful the current community is for all the hard work that has been done over the years. It’s also going to showcase the unique characteristics that make up Cain and some of the future generations that will be taking the reigns down the road.”

The park’s opening day was in 1979.

Danko said over the past four years, she’s talked with Mount Cain community members about the idea of making a film focused on the park.

One of the residents she spoke with was Jeff Jones.

“I remember him being really supportive of the idea,” she said.

“He always did a lot of archiving of all the photos and the newspaper items that covered events at Mount Cain over the years.”

Johns passed away in 2017. Danko said that was a huge motivating factor in getting the project started.

“We have the majority of the filming done, potentially all of it done,” she said.

“I keep on seeing more things that I would like to cover, so we might do a little more during the summer, potentially at a couple of work parties, but I’d say that filming is, if not 100 per cent done, it’s 90 per cent done.”

Danko said that the film will feature interviews with people that have grown up at Mount Cain, and people that have been with the park since it’s start many years ago.

Mount Cain’s Board of Directors has thrown their support behind the project.

Danko said Folklore is slated to be fully edited and released next spring.