PORT ALICE, BC- With cougar sightings continuing in Port Alice Conservation Officers are reminding residents to report.

The most recent cougar sighting in Port Alice was earlier this week, according to Brad Adams, Conservation Officer in Port McNeill.

“There was a report of a sighting around 11:00 at night. There wasn’t too much more information about that sighting. It seemed to be more of just a visual sighting rather than a conflict of any sort.” said Adams.

Officers are currently monitoring and assessing the risk of the call.

They do not have a total amount of sightings simply because not all of them are reported, according to Adams.

When officers are called about sightings they monitor each case.

“We respond on a case by case bases. So we monitor when a sighting has happened, what time of the day it happened and also the frequency in an area,” said Adams.

“As soon as public safety becomes at risk when they (cougars) are interacting during the day in an unnatural behaviour then it triggers a different response. “

Being in a situation where a cougar is present can be frightening.

“If you are going in an area where you know there are predators you have to be aware of your surroundings,” said Adams.

“When you get into a situation where you observe a cougar or any other predator do not turn and run. You don’t want the predator to think that you are prey. So making yourself big and tall and making lots of noise will make the predator know a person is coming rather than prey.”

Adams also mentioned to keep pets on their leash if you are walking in an area that could have any predators present, bring pets in at night and just make sure you are keeping track of your pets at all times.

“The biggest thing we can put out there as a service is to encourage people to report and to call our wrap-line at 1-877-952-7277 and report even if its a sighting,” said Adams.

“Sometimes a small sighting reported will help us know what is going on in that area.”