PORT HARDY, B.C – Port Hardy council voted in favour of supplying $11,000 to repair two heaters located in one of the district’s fire halls.

At the May 13th council meeting, a staff report written by the director of finance, Lynda Sowerby outlined the recommendation that the heaters in fire hall #1 needed to be replaced.

The report mentioned that earlier in the year, parts from one of the heaters in fire hall #1 were used to repair another heater in fire hall two.

This, however, caused Hall #1 to operate with only one heater.

The report added that because the heaters were so old, it is very difficult to get parts for them, and the recommendation stated the best option would be to install new heaters.

Port Hardy council unanimously passed the request to spend $11,000 from the general surplus to help install the new heaters for fire hall #1.

There is no word on when the new heaters will be installed.