SAYWARD, BC – A Nanaimo-based show will be featuring a Sayward RV resort in its upcoming season.

“Two Men and their Fishing Rods” features friends Tyler Kyle and Nathan Thomas. The two men go to lakes in and around Vancouver Island to offer tips on how to fish in them.

Next up on their list is White River Resort in Sayward, which will be featured in season nine that will air next year. 

Mike Phipps, owner and operator of White River Resort, says the two men asked him if he would be interested in being featured.

“We agreed to do it and they came up here for a little over a week. It was kinda neat,” Phipps said.

The episode featuring White River Resort won’t air until next year but by that time, the show will be carried by specialty channel Wild Pursuit Network and air throughout Canada. Currently, the show only airs in BC.

Phipps says he is excited to be featured not only because it will show his resort, but because it will show the country how beautiful Sayward is.

“It’s important that we get Sayward on the map, really and make it more of a destination for people. It’s changing and growing quite a bit right now.”

“There are a lot of tourist stuff going on, and it’s just a good opportunity for all of us to be put in the spotlight a little bit,” he added.

“Definitely Sayward is getting more and more popular and more of a destination. (There are) more gift shops, more farmer’s markets, there’s more stuff going on. There’s lots for people to do and lots of outdoor stuff, of course.”

White River Resort is an RV resort with fishing, camping, and quad opportunities.