After some delays, a day has finally been set for Port Hardy Pride Day.

The celebration will take place on September 14th at Carrot Park.

Spokesperson for the Port Hardy Pride Society, Cheryl Kaw, says the original date had to be changed because of conflict with OrcaFest.

“We had a date set for mid-August and we had a lot of feedback from people in Port McNeil who were planning to go to Orcafest. We know before it was the same day but we didn’t realize it would be such a conflict for people,” said Kaw.

That feedback was people in Port McNeill who wanted to attend both OrcaFest and Pride in Port Hardy would not be able to.

“We heard the feedback and we decided to make this accessible for groups of folks who want to be here from another community, so we switched off to September 14th.”

Kaw says it’s good to have events like this in the community.

“It’s important for people who identify as LGBTQ2+ to have a safe space to identify, to be out together, and to feel safe.”

“Some of it is visibility, just making sure the community understands that maybe people who have lived their lives in a more remote area, that people can see who we are and what our lives are like.”

She added that the society will be hosting many events before Pride Day happens this fall.

For all the events, and to learn more about the Port Hardy Pride Society, click here.