The Port Alice Sea View School’s Parent Advisory Council is organizing a Santa’s Workshop this month to help kids get Christmas gifts for their parents.

Danielle Harris is Treasurer for the PAC and says the workshop makes a big impact on both the kids and the parents.

“I think it’s the meaning of Christmas. For kids to understand it’s not about all the shiny new things for them but that at Christmas we’re showing our love for our family and what our mom and dad are doing. I think it’s really important.”

“Just giving those kids that chance because so often at Christmas parents are focusing on the lists for their kids and don’t give the kids the chance to say let me show something that I know you’ll love too,” said Harris.

Harris says with the recent WFP strike, this Christmas might be hard on families so the PAC is giving kids the chance to show mom and dad they are just as important.

“I think we’re really focusing on the community aspect right now. It’s a really important year for us to make sure that were providing these opportunities to show kids their parents that when times are tough and money is short, parents are always the last on the list,” added Harris.

The school is looking for donations of new or gently used items or crafts that could be picked by the children. The kids would give a small donation to purchase the gift of their choosing at the Christmas Craft Sale November 17th at the Port Alice Community Centre.

If you would like to donate an item or provide a cash donation you can visit Sea View Elementary Junior Secondary School.