The Village of Sayward is in the process of creating a new fireworks bylaw.

It posted to its Facebook page this afternoon explaining that part of that process will include public input.

That means a survey will be available for residents in early 2020 both electronically and by mail.

In the meantime, the village says everyone should follow the current fireworks regulations included in the Fire Protective Services Bylaw #383 which regulates low hazard fireworks.

Section 59 of that bylaw says “No person shall, at any time, sell, give, possess or explode Low Hazard Fireworks, excluding sparklers, Christmas crackers and caps for toy guns, except under the following conditions:

(1) Low Hazard Fireworks may be possessed and exploded at a specified time by a sponsoring organization or person conducting a public event if such event is authorized by written permission of the Fire Chief who has issued a permit for that event as per Schedule ‘A’ attached hereto and forming part of this bylaw; AND

(2) Low Hazard Fireworks may be exploded on private property only with the written consent of the property owner or on Village property with written consent of the Village Chief Administrative Officer or Fire Chief.”