PORT HARDY, B.C. – Residents in the District of Port Hardy can now sign up for a new emergency alert system.

The mass notification system will alert residents through their cell phones, land lines, by text message and email of important events like Tsunami warnings, fire evacuations, floods and fires.

“It’s always been a tough go to notify your citizens about those emergencies, and we were hoping in Port Hardy to find something that was a little more 21st-century rather than sirens and other options that have been available in the past,” said Port Hardy Mayor Hank Bood, speaking with the MyTriPortNow.com newsroom on Wednesday.

Bood noted that the alert system will not solely be used for major disasters, but could also include other community notices.

“We can use the system to update our community on fire bans. We can do newsletters, and evacuations, if they need to happen, and water sewer interruptions, world closures, all those sorts of things,” he said.

“It’s a pretty universal system.”

Residents can call the district office at (250) 949-6665 to confirm and update information, or to sign up.

Registration can also be done through the district’s website by clicking on the exclamation mark icon. A direct sign up sheet can also be viewed via this link.