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VCH Sees Cases of Influenza Ahead of Flu Season

Vancouver Coastal Health is already seeing cases of influenza but notes that we’re not fully in flu season just yet.

Doctor Althea Haydon says there are predictions that this could be a bad flu season, but you should take those with a grain of salt.

“Because it’s hard to know what’s gonna happen. In the Southern hemisphere, we’re seeing quite a bit of H3N2 Influenza A circulating, which is the strain that tends to cause serious infection in seniors.”

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Haydon says the best protection is always vaccination. However, she says there are a few things you can do to protect yourself if you don’t want to get your flu shot.

“Wash your hands, and avoid sharing food, drinks or Chapstick with anyone during flu season, especially other people that may be sick. Stay home when you’re sick so that you don’t spread the flu to others.”

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